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Game Ideas

2008-03-25 05:51:33 by jocara

If anyone has any Ideas for games but cant actually create the game, I would be happy to put your idea to good use!


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2008-03-25 06:22:36

Some fighting game with robot characters,multiplayer mode,maps from Newgrounds Rumble,pickups from Newgrounds Rumble,Projectile mode(when you pick up the projectile-weapon pick up)but when hitted by the projectile to not be stunned and maybe more features.

jocara responds:

Thanx for the idea ill keep it in mind.


2008-03-25 08:02:06

Since you are also an Iron Maiden Fan. I suggest than you can remake their game "Ed Hunter" in flash although I haven't played it

(Updated ) jocara responds:

nice game idea

up the irons \m/


2008-04-01 21:31:52

Ah, I've been waiting for a chance like this!

Are you familiar with the Hellsing Manga or the Hellsing OVA series?
I think it would be cool if you made an RPG or a first person shooter based apon it.

A rapid assortment of guns.

Killer ghouls. (Zombies.)


Basic shit like that!

It doesn't matter anyway since I am getting money to pay a local affiliate to create one. 250 bucks though... Sheesh.


P.S. The clips of the M16's on the above picture are in the wrong location, please google it if you don't believe me.

jocara responds:

Ok man ill give it a go.


2008-04-13 06:20:16

guitar hero parody named guitar wheirdo : D

jocara responds:

ill give it a shot


2008-04-18 04:00:09

A Flash House of the dead would be good

(Updated ) jocara responds:

lol, yeah man thats a grouse idea, but hard.